Catnic® Matrix attend Channel 4’s Grand design live show

Catnic® Matrix attend Channel 4’s Grand design live show

A joint venture between Matrix Structures and Catnic (Catnic® Urban), one of Europe’s leading construction product suppliers roofing, cladding and Catnic Lintels. The two sides have partnered up for an ambitious endeavour that will sweep through multiple construction industries whilst attending the Grand design live exhibition.

The new partnership will enable both sides to show their entire range for clients who are looking into improved energy efficiency in buildings as well as future-proof themselves against any changes or innovations that may come about over time.

Kevin McCloud has hosted Channel 4’s popular TV programme ‘Grand Designs‘ since it first aired in April 1999, of which more than 200 episodes have been broadcasted. The three show ambassadors are Design and Media personalities McCloud, George Clarke and Jo Hamilton.

This year’s nine-day-long exhibition attracted over 100 thousand people from all over Europe who were eager to learn more about this innovative Grand Design showcase.

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Grand Designs Live is an annual event held in London and Birmingham. The exhibition features contemporary designs for the home, with expert exhibitors providing advice on how you can make your own space as beautiful or luxurious without breaking any budget constraints!

Matrix Structures was recently chosen to attend the ‘Ask the Expert Forum‘ in London & Birmingham. The company’s very own Phil Bagnall was on hand to answer any questions about off-site construction. This is a major achievement for Matrix and proves that they are one of the top companies in its field.

Attendees of the forum were impressed with Bagnall’s knowledge and expertise and he was able to provide valuable insight into the world of off-site construction and the panelised system. Thanks to this event, more people were aware of what Matrix can offer, and they are sure to become a leading player in this industry.

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Catnic Matrix exhibited its new range of garden rooms. On the stand was matrix’s latest panelised system which offered potential customers not only an affordable alternative to traditional methods of buildings but a construction that is quick to build.

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With features such as the new generation of multi-pane doors, the Triple S Door system opens out onto patio areas maximising the amount that can be used. Many customers see these versatile structures as being much more than just an extra room addition but as true outdoor living spaces that can be used all year round.

Matrix Structures UK Ltd is a specialist in the design and manufacture of panelised steel structures for the domestic market. Our products are used to build homes, home extensions and other types of building projects. “We are committed to providing high-quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers” commented Phil Bagnall (MD).

Catnic® Matrix buildings can be adapted to any style or taste and they have a range of accessories available to make the project unique.

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