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London Semi Detached Houses Built with Modern Method of Construction (MMC)

Semi-detached three-bedroom homes. The three bedroomed homes were specially designed to be Passivhaus-certified (uncertified), have low running costs and serve as social affordable housing.
Ealing Council
Northolt, Ealing
C.F.Moller Architects UK
Semi-detached three bedroomed homes
Social Housing
Buildeco Offsite Architecture

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Panelised System Keeps Energy Costs Low in Winter

The tenant has found that the monthly bill in the coldest winter month was just £23. This is due to the capabilities of the panelised system, which has helped to keep their energy costs low. They are very pleased with the results and would recommend this system to anyone who is looking for an affordable and efficient way to heat their home.

House Foundation

Reduced foundation costs, due to lighter building weight

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Building assembled within ± 1mm

White Van Delivery

Delivering the panels in white vans is the most efficient way to reduce the carbon footprint and disruption

Skilled Labour
Unskilled Labour

Site assembly by hand reduces skilled labour, which can result in cost savings for the construction

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Ealing's Fabric-First approach project delivers 3-bedroom homes

The homes have been designed with sustainability and affordability in mind, and will be available for social affordable rent. The project was one of several small-scale projects commissioned by the London Borough of Ealing who were seeking to explore a range of modular construction (MMC) solutions. MMC has the potential to help the council meet its targets for both sustainability and affordable housing.

Clients review

What people say?

"The project was completed to a high quality build and energy standard which is endorsed both by the development department and residents living in the accommodation.”
David Baptiste, Head of Housing Development, Ealing Council
“The Quality of the finished produce was excellent – better than the other demonstration projects, it achieved the promised thermal performance, the buildings are contemporary and attractive, and they are constructed from materials and using techniques that will minimise long term maintenance.”
Robert Turner, Project Officer, Ealing Council

Modern Method of Construction (MMC)

Our fabric-first approach has led to some of the most energy-efficient and low-cost homes on the market today. Our homes are made with high-quality, durable materials that will last

Matrix Modern internal room
"What The Futures Built On"

"The Ealing project is a development of semi detached homes built to a very high specification with zero defects reported after 18 months"

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