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Structural engineers are responsible for providing the necessary drawings and calculations that will help ensure the stability and safety of buildings during any construction projects. This involves conducting detailed surveys of existing structures or new, as well as evaluating the suitability of various materials to be used in construction. We always work closely with architects and contractors to determine how best to implement any changes required, Using our expertise in structural design we come up with effective solutions that meet all safety and regulatory requirements.

The Building Safety Act 2022

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The Building Safety Act 2022 aims to improve the safety and quality of buildings by introducing new regulatory regimes for building design, construction, and management. Under this legislation, higher-risk buildings such as existing and new structures will be subject to enhanced oversight and regulation, with greater transparency and accountability for the professionals involved in the construction process. The act also seeks to provide greater peace of mind and confidence to residents and other key stakeholders, providing them with reassurance that their buildings are safe and well-managed.

To support the implementation of this legislation, a range of resources have been developed, including guidelines for building professionals, educational materials for residents and homeowners, training programs for regulatory bodies, and tools to facilitate communication between stakeholders. Additionally, the act establishes a set of requirements for building safety certification schemes that focus on assessing vulnerabilities and risks related to high-risk buildings.

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As a company, we make sure that our structural engineers check the stability of the structure. A structure is only stable if it is able to maintain its shape and integrity under all loads and forces acting on it. This includes elements such as wind and even the weight of the materials.


“A strong and stable structure is essential to the safety of any building or public space”

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