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Matrix Structures has a wide range of services to offer in addition to our panelised system manufacturing. We provide comprehensive design services from initial concept and product design through to detailed construction drawings and technical specifications. Our experienced team of architects, engineers and designers can assist with any project requirements, no matter how complex. We also have an extensive range of installation services available including on-site installation support for customers who require it. Furthermore, we offer a full range of maintenance and repair options so that customers can be assured that their buildings will remain in top condition throughout its life. In addition to these services, Matrix Structures also offers a variety of training courses designed to help customers fully understand our system. Finally, we provide after sales customer support with advice on product uses as well as troubleshooting should any problems arise. At Matrix Structures we strive to make sure that all our customers have access to the best possible products and services available in the market today.

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By looking at the drawings of a project carefully, one can determine what types of materials are needed to complete the job, as well as understand which workers will be responsible for various parts or aspects of the construction. Additionally, looking at construction drawings helps determine the timeline and sequence of steps – such as when to install certain structural elements – to ensure a safe and successful completion of the job. Furthermore, studying the drawings helps identify any potential risks associated with the project, such as interference from existing structures that may need to be demolished or relocated prior to construction, as well as other hazardous conditions on site.

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