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For future generations to benefit from, we are creating sustainable new spaces.

Matrix Active Classroom

The Innovation and Knowledge Center at Swansea University partnered with SPECIFIC on a project called the Architecture of Active Buildings, which aimed to create structures of the future.

Swansea University
Joanna Clarke, Head of Design
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Solar Roof

The sun's rays hit the solar roof and window, generating electricity. This is used immediately or stored in batteries for later use!


The solar wall cavity can heat the room with cold air because it has perforations in its cladding. MVHR will recover some lost energy by using what’s called 'preheating' which means warming up before being circulated throughout other spaces within the building!

Warm Air

The heat pump takes warm air from the solar wall and boosts it using electricity to provide space heating, hot water round-the year.

Aquion Battery

The AQUION battery is a sustainable and non-combustible option that's efficient enough for daily use. The company has received "Cradle to Cradle™" certification on its environmental sustainability, making it one of only few products to be granted this title!

New techniques can be used to create long-lasting and natural surroundings.

How Matrix Collaboration is Helping Shape the Future of Building Design

Matrix Collaboration believes in working together to create a more sustainable and prosperous future. We believe in building real projects with actual companies and bringing together those in the construction, energy, and systems industries to achieve this goal. We are proud to be involved with the Active Classroom project, which challenges commercial property design norms and could help shape how buildings are designed.

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The focal point for SPECIFIC's research

"Since we built the Active Classroom in 2016, it has served us well as a demonstration of the Active Building concept. Now, we hope it will demonstrate how buildings can be deconstructed and used again, reducing waste and contributing to the development of a circular economy”
Design Manager Dr Jo Clarke
“Through the classroom, we were able to explain the concept of Active Buildings and prove the technologies work in practice. This is highlighted by the various construction awards the building received”
Design Manager Dr Jo Clarke

How a new approach to learning can boost productivity in construction

The Active Buildings Classroom offered an immersive learning environment for a wide range of stakeholders, from high-level government ministers to experts in the build environment to schoolchildren. Through this interactive platform, they were able to communicate the concept of Active Buildings and show that technologies are effective and reliable through practical demonstrations. The classroom featured a variety of interactive resources, such as real-time data displays, and educational videos.  This engaging space also provided opportunities for discussion and collaboration on topics related to energy efficiency in buildings.  All of these initiatives helped foster a greater understanding of active building concepts and increased awareness about energy conservation among students and officials.

Providing sustainable facilities.

Our company are always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and provide sustainable facilities for our customers. We use recycled materials in our products and design our buildings to be as energy-efficient as possible. We also have a policy of only using sustainably sourced materials.

Matrix Building Commercial
Matrix Building plants
"Working together was a big part of this project and believe that it has the potential to change the way commercial property is designed. We are confident that if successful, this project will help shape the way buildings are designed in the future."


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