Matrix Structures in Modern Methods of Construction

Matrix Structures in Modern Methods of Construction

Matrix Structures in Modern Methods of Construction

The UK housing market is currently facing significant obstacles, from an ageing workforce and inaccessibility for first-time buyers, to shortages in affordable homes. Modern methods of construction (MMC) may offer one solution by speeding up and streamlining construction while decreasing the carbon footprint of buildings.

Matrix Structures Active Classroom
Matrix Structures in Modern Methods of Construction 4

Matrix Structures is a leading MMC manufacturing company, we have successfully utilised modular manufacturing construction methods (MMC) in housing projects in Ealing, West London. Off-site manufacturing to produce prefabricated panels before being transported directly to the site for assembly – By significantly reducing construction time, there were savings in both time and costs during project completion.

Matrix Structures, Swansea University partnered with SPECIFIC on an ambitious project entitled Architecture of Active Buildings that sought to design a structure of the future using renewable energy technologies that generated both thermal energy and electrical energy from within building envelopes. An Active Classroom was constructed in 2016 in order to showcase these cutting-edge renewable technologies.

Matrix Structures’ success with panelised Construction (MMC) highlights its benefits. Off-site manufacturing and prefabricated assemblies drastically cut construction time and costs while increasing quality control; plus innovative design features can reduce carbon footprints to meet the climate change goals of nations worldwide.

MMC can address first-time homebuyers’ lack of affordability by decreasing construction costs and improving the efficiency of building processes, leading to more homes being constructed at reduced costs – making them more accessible for first-time buyers as well as prospective homeowners.

Matrix Structures Ealing homes
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Collaboration among governments, private sectors and industry professionals is integral in driving MMC adoption. Government can offer financial incentives such as tax breaks or grants to encourage construction industries to adopt MMC technologies; private firms could invest in research and development of new materials; while construction professionals could work directly with suppliers of MMC materials to ensure quality and safety standards are met in structures made from them.

Matrix Structures Panelised system
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Overall, MMC can transform the UK housing market and help meet climate change goals. Matrix Structures’ success in implementing MMC, along with Swansea University’s partnership with SPECIFIC on the Architecture of Active Buildings project demonstrate its benefits. Collaboration among all parties involved is essential in order to promote its adoption effectively and safely.

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